20" Saluda diamond medium crash


20" Saluda diamond medium crash

Delivery weight: 2,165 g

Creating this cymbal (line) we wanted to accieve "that 70's rock-sound"- Darkish but still bright- big sound- and we nailed it! Lathing looks like it could be from 70's with darkis stripes- patina -like.

The sound of 20" crash is darkish, crashing beautifully into darker tones. Quite high in volume and long sustain.

This series also available in 16" & 18" crashes- 15" hi hats & 22" ride. (You can also order any other size.)

weight: 2165 g



Saluda cymbals


"Saluda, pronounced, Suh-Loo-Duh, formed in May, 1999. Our name was picked up by the 'Saluda' references in and around the Carolinas. Our cymbal venture began earlier in 1997 with ideas to offer drummers something more unique and a little different than the norm. We also wanted to offer purely hand crafted cymbal lines, which adds fullness, rich tones and more versatility. The first work with customizing cymbals takes 'Saluda' back to Myrtle Beach, SC in the mid 80's where 'cymbals' were altered with hammering, heating and other trial and error techniques.

Saluda is all about offering great sounding cymbals with uniqie and fresh designs. We even allow you to tell us how you want them to sound, and for some cymbal series, you can even tell us how you want them to look. Custom cymbals are finally available and we are getting more and more custom each day.

So, we went into cymbal crafting in the late 1990's ignoring most obvious cymbal properties to challenge ourselves to gain first-hand experience as to which cymbal processes/techniques can alter sound. Most work at this time was on our XG, GH-SSX alloys.
Today, we continue to experiment and design cymbals in B20 bronze alloy, with different hammering, lathing designs/techniques and cymbal finishes. Our detail of the cymbal goes much deeper than just hammering and lathing; we modify sound grooves, bow shapes, thinness/thickness in key locations and tune our cymbals using various heating/lathing/hammering techniques. From alloy compositions to tonal characteristics, durability, logos, and structural designs, we always strive to improve our cymbals.

All of our experimentations and cymbal crafting allowed us to release more musical and better designed cymbals. We try to offer a little bit of everything for any and all drummer types and music genres. Check our products to see which cymbal series will work best for you. Or tell us how you want your cymbals to sound in your favorite looking series!

In November 2008, our foundry was finally up and running. This allowed for Amercian hand crafting at its finest. Today we have a wide range of series and subseries, like Mist X, Mist Hybrid, Decadence, Symbolic, Earthworks, Earthworks Hybrid, Symbolic, Ambiance and more. And we are constantly working on new/prototype series like Onyx (Black), Diamond Dark Accent, Green Goddess, Chaos Theory and many more. We even experiment with different alloys and release these as prototypes. It is all a matter of finding newness in the world of Saluda Cymbals!"

Via Symbaalishoppi.fi (cymbal shop) you can order Saluda cymbals to Europe for more cost efficent price- we ship big quantities of cymbals at time - that's money saved for you! If you cannot find the cymbal you want from our storage- just contact us and we will deliver!

Saluda Cymbals

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