PRKL china by Centent

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Delivery weight: 1,000 g

Centent PRKL is one of Centent's "pro series" and designed for professional use. All cymbals are hand made from B20 -alloy using traditional methods. Sound is bright and quite loud. Best suited for a bit heavier music; punk, hard rock, heavy...

Sound: Bright, well cutting, opens easily- quite long sustain. Medium to loud volume. 

Weight: PRKL-cymbals are medium- thin  in weight. 18" china weights approx. 1000g


Centent cymbals:

According to legend, one the remaining dragons helped cast the first bronze cymbal over 3000 years ago in Shangdong Providence in China. True or not- the fact is that Centent Cymbals has it's roots in 17th century in Quing dynasty times. History provides us the knowledge of generations and "the dragon spirit" in to Centent cymbals. Today Centent produces top quality cymbals from B8, B10 and B20 -metal alloy combining modern technology and traditional cymbal making methods. Cymbals are sold directly from factory to distributors, which allows us to leave all non nesessary costs away and we can offer these top quality cymbals to you in awesome prices!

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