Sihi EFX china

Estimated delivery time 5-6 weeks

Delivery weight: 1,000 g

Bright & trashy sounding china cymbal - Opens very easily. Cymbals are polished but we lathed edges for some lower tones to balance sound. We make all our chinas as ”reversed”- or in our opinion as they should- bell the right way.

Sound: Bright & trashy.

Pitch: high- mid

Sustain: medium

Volume: medium loud - loud

Finish: Brilliant, edges tradiotinal

Weight: hin-16" approx. 770 g.

Material: B20


10" soundfile

12" soundfile

14" soundfile

16" soundfile

17" soundfile

18" soundfile

KAAOS series is developed in situations where you wanna be heard- over guitar wall, want your cymbals to stand out brighter than anything else… Depends on you wether they are quiet or loud- they open up very easily but can stand the heat! Hand hammered and crafted from high quality B20 bronze in Istanbul. KAAOS is finnish word meaning chaos.

We believe we have achieved perfect balance in between different cymbals; Hi hats open easily, they are bright and well cutting. Stick sound is very clear and bright. Played open they have nice ”wash” in them. Crashes are very bright and cutting. They open up really easily but you can hit them hard as well- wont choke! Other cymbals being medium thin we think that ride needs to stand out! Stick sound is very bright, glass like- bell is very bright and loud. And they are quite heavy ;-)

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