If you have cymbals you are not using, we take them as payment!

This is how it works:

Write description of your cymbals:

-Brand, label, size and description of condition (we would like to know if there's any key holing, cracks, dings, what condition stamps are in- pictures do help!)

(i.e. Zildjian K custom 16" crash- no key hole, cracks or dings, logos slighty fading)

Send to: and we will send you an offer as soon as possible. If you like our offer, pack your cymbals and send them to us. After checking the condition of cymbals we will send you a code that you can use as money in our shop.

Sometimes we can buy cymbals even if you do not want to buy anything from us. In that case we will transfer money into your bank account.

Shiiping adress:


Kroggårdsvägen 29

10300 Karjaa


045 11 66 240

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